Destin Harbor District Parking


* Pay-to-Park not required for handicap parking or vehicles parking in numbered spots with properly displayed handicap identification, Disabled Veteran tags included. 

Public Parking Lots

Destin Community Center PAY-TO-PARK and Permit Parking 

Destin Library (after business hours)

Marler Street PAY-TO-PARK (Corner of Marler St. and Hwy. 98)

Zerbe Street PAY-TO-PARK (Corner of Zerbe St. and Sibert Ave.)

There are four designated pedestrian crosswalks along Hwy. 98 (east to west) in the Harbor District: Melvin St.; Marler Street Parking Lot; Palmetto St.; and Stahlman Ave. Please use these crosswalks to cross Hwy. 98. 

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Harbor District Parking Details

  • City of Destin charges a $5.00 flat fee per 24 hours for parking in the Destin Harbor District which includes:
  • The Zerbe Street parking lot. 
  • The Marler Street parking lot.
  • Destin Community Center is a Permit and Pay-to-Park lot. Parking between midnight to 7 am is reserved for city or special events. Permits are for Community Center patrons only and can be obtained at the front desk in the Community Center.
  • Parking spaces are on a first come, first serve basis and patrons are not guaranteed a spot if they leave and come back within the paid time frame. Extended overnight parking is prohibited
  • Pay-to-Park is not required for handicap parking or vehicles with properly displayed handicap identification. Disabled Veteran tags are included. 
  • Pay-to-Park is for passenger trucks and passenger vehicles only. All others shall be towed.
  • Code Compliance Officers will enforce the ordinance and violators will be ticketed at a rate of $33 per violation. Illegally parked vehicles in the right-of-way shall be fined and/or towed.
  • Do not park on sidewalks. Do not park in bike lanes.
  • Destin Library weekend parking is available after hours – Saturday after 1 p.m.; all day Sunday.
  • All parking in the Harbor District is within a 5 to 10-minute walk to the Harbor Boardwalk.
  • There are a number of private parking options in the Harbor District. Some charge a fee.
  • Parking can be purchased via the Passport Parking App, downloadable from most online app stores. See image below.
Passport Parking Web Image