Captain Royal Melvin Heritage Park

Status: RESTORE Act Grant Funds Approved
Estimated Completion: Construction underway. Anticipated completion: April 2022.

Management objectives for the site include:

1. Provide urban open space

2. Provide access to Destin Harbor

3. Provide environmental education and awareness

4. Provide and preserve local history and heritage

5. Provide passive recreational opportunities

Recreation Improvements:

• Resource center on the southwest portion of the property

• Small playground

• Harbor and Wildlife Observation Platform with educational signage

• Harbor Boardwalk

• Picnic pavilion


• Terraced walkway from Harbor Boulevard to harbor boardwalk

• Undergrounding of utilities

• Trash cans at various locations throughout park (continued participation in the

FWCC Monofilament Recycling Program)

• Benches

• Drinking fountain and restrooms at resource center

• Bike racks near park entrance at Harbor Boulevard

• Safe road crossing facilities

Royal Melvin January 2022