Norriego Point Park Improvements Phase III

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Status: Norriego Point Park Improvements permitting process is underway. Project is anticipated to go out to bid sometime in 2022. 

Status: Norriego Point Park stabilization is complete.

Estimated Completion: Stabilization complete spring 2018; Recreation improvements will include the addition of paved parking, public restrooms, an ADA shelter, a boardwalk around the point with three dune walkovers and a bird habitat is in progress.

Groundbreaking: Wed., Oct. 11, 2017

Status Update 8.19.19

Phase III - The permitting process is underway and an update will be provided once construction of the recreation facilities begin.  Amenities will include a pavilion, restrooms, showers, drinking fountains, environmental educational signage, bike racks, boardwalk, dune crossovers and vehicle parking. This park will be ADA accessible. 

A picture of Norriego Point recreation project with the boardwalk, bathrooms, dune crossovers

Status Update 8.29.18
Phase II of the project is in the design phase. 30% plans are now available for public review. See the plans here Version OptionsNorriego Point StabilizationHeadline.

Dune vegetation is now underway and should be completed by mid-September. The contractor is also due back in early September to add additional rock in a few gaps. 

Status Update 7.10.18
The first phase – “Restoration/Stabilization” – was substantially completed the end of May.  Final Completion of this phase is due within 30 days.

The second phase – Vegetation of the newly constructed portion of the dune structure – is to begin later this summer and will be completed by early fall.

The final or third phase of the Norriego Point Restoration and Recreation Project is in the design and permitting phase. This phase includes public access improvements such as public restrooms. picnic facilities, boardwalk, showers and drinking fountains, educational signage, additional parking, access entry way, and dune cross over.  ADA accessibility is being thoroughly considered throughout the design of all final phase components.  

Status Update 2.13.18 - Dredging to Begin
Dredging operations for the Norriego Point Stabilization project will begin in March, starting in Destin Harbor. The harbor dredging will take approximately two weeks then the dredge will move to the northern most reach of the East Pass Federal Channel (north of the bridge) and work its way south toward the pass. This operation will take approximately 45 to 60 days.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that livery vessel businesses prominently display the illustration below and make every renter aware of what is taking place in the harbor, pass and bay. The illustration can be used to educate everyone on the water regarding what they will see. Every effort should be taken to stay away from the operation and the floating pipes.

For a detailed update on the project, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection will be present at the February 20 city council meeting to provide an update to the council. This is a public meeting and anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

See the map below for details.

Dredging Illustration - Click to Enlarge

c2015-058 Norriego Point Construction Set 3

Status Update 1.24.18
Luhr Bros. Inc., (the contractor at Norrigeo Point), is currently excavating sand along the seaward toe of T-Groin #3 and #4 structures and placing the excavated material immediately landward and seaward of the sheet pile walls to reduce the required volume of rock needed. Marine mattresses have been placed along the landward side of the structure and are beginning to be placed along the seaward side of the structures. Immediately following marine mattress installation at T-Groin #3, rock placement will begin at this structure and the excavation/marine mattress placement operations will continue working north around T-Groin #4. The project is currently on schedule.

NP Dec. 14, 2017 Sheet Pile Wall Installation
NP Jan 21, 2018 Marine Mattress Placement

Status Update 11.6.17
Norriego Point Construction Area Signs"No Wake Zone" and "Construction Area" signs are being installed around the property. Boaters and beach goers are asked to stay out of the construction areas during the project. 

Project Narrative:
The idea for stabilizing Norriego Point began in 1999 with the development of the Inlet Management Plan and has been supported by numerous city councils, mayors, committees, harbor businesses, the chamber of commerce and community organizations. In 2012, the city’s hope for the stabilization project was made a reality by a partnership with FDEP. Together, the city and FDEP secured the necessary funds through the Beach Management Funding Assistance program and the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) restoration process which evaluates and restores natural resources and the services they provide impacted by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The overall project includes three components: shoreline stabilization, beach and dune restoration, and recreation improvements. Stabilization will begin this October and is expected to be complete in the spring of 2018. This includes re-establishing Norriego Point to its post-Army Corps of Engineers dredging condition (1999), adding approximately five acres of upland sand to the point by dredging the East Pass Channel, armoring the point with sheet piling and large armor stone, rehabilitating T-groins and existing embayments, and adding one additional embayment. Dune restoration is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018, and the recreation improvements completed in the spring of 2019. Recreation improvements will include the addition of paved parking, public restrooms, an ADA shelter, a boardwalk around the point with three dune walkovers and a bird habitat.

The current cost for design, permitting and construction for the stabilization component of the Norriego Point project is $10,458,310. The design contract for the recreation phase of the project are expected to be released in the fall of 2017 and the construction contract released in the fall of 2018. The budget for dune vegetation is $50,000, and the budget for the passive recreational enhancements is $2,250,000.

Norriego Point Rendering 1
Norriego Point Rendering 2