NPDES Phase II Regulations

Construction Sites Are Covered Under the NPDES Stormwater Program

Phase II NPDES regulations extend coverage to include all construction sites that disturb one to five acres in size, including smaller sites that are part of a larger common plan of development or sale.

Prior to Construction

Prior to construction activity, a regulated construction site must:
  1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) for Generic Permit for Stormwater Discharge from Construction Activities (CGP) to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)
  2. Develop and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This plan must in part include:
    • A maintenance and inspection schedule
    • A recordkeeping process
    • A site evaluation of how and where pollutants may be mobilized by stormwater
    • A site plan for managing stormwater runoff
    • Identification of appropriate erosion and sediment controls and stormwater best management practices
    • Identification of stormwater exit areas
  3. When a project is complete, a Notice of Termination (NOT) must be submitted to FDEP to discontinue permit coverage. A NOT may be submitted only when the site meets the eligibility requirements for termination specified by the CGP